Building Collaborative Client Partnerships
Redwood Corporation's powerful solution serve a broad spectrum of institutional financial clients. Despite the diverse nature of our clients' businesses, they share a common goal: to meet operational, functional and financial challenges through the effective use of technology. They trust Redwood Corporation and BTS Vision to deliver long-term solutions---comprehensive product functionality, a commitment to ongoing functional and technical evolution, solid industry knowledge and proven service experience.

We have a long history of collaborative client partnerships, so we understand your business needs and challenges. With Redwood Corporation as your partner, you can leverage technology as a competitive advantage---with powerful access to information for your managers, efficient operations for your entire enterprise and superior service for your own internal and external customers.

Following is a partial list of current customers:

 ♦ Bank of Jamaica, Kingston
 ♦ Doral Financial, Puerto Rico
 ♦ Israel Discount Bank, New York
 ♦ GENEKI Bank, Athens
 ♦ National Bank of Greece, Athens
 ♦ Centenary Rural Development Bank, Uganda
 ♦ Housing Finance Company, Kenya

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