Client Satisfaction and Support: Partners for Sustained Success
Redwood Corporation is committed to supporting all aspects of your operations, from implementation to ongoing support to product enhancement. We strive to keep your operations running at peak efficiency and profitability.

As your business evolve, our client services and development teams will ensure that your system adapt to the changing business enviroment.

Implementation Services
 ♦ Installation assistance
 ♦ User training
 ♦ Data conversion
 ♦ Client-specific configuration and parameterization
 ♦ On-site implementation, guidance and assistance
 ♦ Unlimited telephone, facsimile and e-mail support
 ♦ Comprehensive and user-friendly documentation

Ongoing Support and Development
 ♦ Custom feature enhancements
 ♦ Customized reports
 ♦ New system interfaces
 ♦ Advanced training
 ♦ Treasury management consulting

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