Future Ready
Never before has technology been so critical to the financial industry. And never before has choosing the right long-term partner been so critical to building a successful financial enterprise. BTS Vision understands that having all the functionality is not enough. If treasury management system is not taking advantage of the most advanced technology, operations could be at risk. You need to be sure that your information is handled as efficiently as possible.

Utilizing state-of-the-art object-oriented technologies, BTS Vision features an easy-to-use graphical user interface coupled with the power of a relational database. Flexible architecture allows you to structure BTS Vision to meet your unique requirements.

Multi-Platform Support
 ♦ Sybase
 ♦ Oracle
 ♦ Microsoft SQL Server

Real-Time Feed Architecture
 ♦ Global integration of treasury information
 ♦ Message alerts for events, including limit excesses and security violations
 ♦ Real-time updates of information, including cash flow, positions, and limits

User Focused
 ♦ Easy, intuitive system navigation
 ♦ Flexible, graphical reporting through integrated report writers
 ♦ Multi-level security, including menus and fields
 ♦ Robust multi-tasking

Object-Oriented C++ Language
 ♦ Flexible architecture that allows for significant enhancement and easy maintenance
 ♦ High speed processing
 ♦ Unrivaled power for mission-critical applications

SQL Relational Database
 ♦ High level of security and control
 ♦ Open database allowing interfaces with a wide variety of external systems
 ♦ Strong database integrity to guard against hardware failure

Scalable Design
 ♦ Distributed processing for faster reporting time
 ♦ Flexible mixture of machines and operating systems
 ♦ Scalable from small branch to head office

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